BHD Loyalty Club

BHD Loyalty Club

b90851ddd3244c48c5b392fed886efad_2344acb0c8675061.pngBrighton Harley-Davidson is always looking for innovative ways to give our customers more value. We especially want to reward our most loyal customers for making us their first choice in Harley-Davidson dealers. What better way to reward our loyal customer than with FREE merchandise?  We call it the Brighton Harley-Davidson Loyalty Rewards Program. When you purchase Parts & Accessories, Labor, or Motorclothes at Brighton Harley-Davidson, you will earn loyalty reward points. These points allow you to earn free gift certificates so that you can choose the exact merchandise you want: MotorClothes merchandise, parts, accessories, and even service! The more you spend, the more you save!  This is our way of saying “Thank You” for coming back again and again to Brighton Harley-Davidson.

Here is how it works:

Every time you make an eligible purchase at Brighton Harley-Davidson, we will automatically credit your Loyalty Reward Account with 1 point for every dollar you spend, excluding taxes. The more points you accumulate, the larger the free gift certificate value!

Points Earned Award:

  • 200 Points =$10 Gift Certificate
  • 400 Points = $20 gift Certificate
  • 500 Points = $25 Gift Certificate
  • 800 Points = $40 Gift Certificate
  • 1000 Points = $50 Gift Certificate
  • 2000 Points = $100 Gift Certificate

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Special Bonus points are awarded to the Brighton Harley-Davidson HOG Chapter, all first responders, and Military personal, including Veterans.

First Responders/Military = 1.5 points for every dollar spent

HOG Chapter Members = 1.5 points for every dollar spent

HOG Chapter Officers = 2 points for every dollar spent

Point Eligibility and Restrictions:

Your loyalty account is only valid for eligible purchases made at Brighton Harley-Davidson. The Loyalty Rewards Account is valid for use by the original purchaser.  Picture ID may be required.

Loyalty points are valid for three months from the date of purchase and  will not be issued retroactively, have no cash value, are not valid nor earned on discounted or incentivized purchases, insurance, warranty, or service contract repair orders, rentals, taxes, motorcycle or vehicle purchases. Points may take up to 48 hours to be reflected on your account. Brighton Harley-Davidson reserves the right to discontinue Loyalty Rewards Program privileges and/or void all or a portion of a member’s point balance if the points have been issued, received, or redeemed through human or computer error, fraud or theft, through illegal means, or in any manner inconsistent with the intent of the Loyalty Rewards Program. Brighton Harley-Davidson reserves the right to modify or cancel this program at any time without obligation or notification.


  1. Provide a valid email address to a Brighton Harley-Davidson staff member during a purchase or when requesting to be added to the Loyalty Club.
  2. You will receive an email to the email address you provided with the subject line “Brighton Harley-Davidson Customer Loyalty Rewards”.
  3. Within this email you are given a link to your personal web portal for your Loyalty Account. Click this link.
  4. This link will take you to a screen in which you should click on the bottom link that says “Forgot Password/First Time Logging In”.
  5. Another screen will appear where you will enter your email address and click “Submit”.
  6. By doing this the system will then send you a second email that will allow you to set up your personal password.  Go back to your email inbox and open the second email with the subject line “Brighton Harley-Davidson Customer Password Reset”.
  7. This email will provide another link to set your password- click on this link. Please Note this is a time sensitive link and it will EXPIRE within 20 minutes. If you do not click on it in this time you will receive an error message. Please contact the dealership if you receive an error message and we can resend you a new link.
  8. Once you click on the “Set your Password” link it will take you to a new page that will ask you to enter what you would like your password to be. Do so and click “Submit”. You will receive a green confirmation message at the bottom of the screen when your password is all set saying “Congratulations! Your password has successfully been changed”.
  9. Click on the button at the bottom to return to the Loyalty Club account log in page.
  10. Enter your email and NEW password and you are now SUCCESSFULLY Logged into your personal web portal and can view your Loyalty Club account, check your points and review your past purchases!

 If you have any issues or concerns please contact the dealership.

Thank you for being a loyal Brighton Harley-Davidson customer!